Around Maison Manechal



Famous or secret vineyards, wild dunes, untouched rivers, authentic villages, forests and scented maquis: discover, as a couple or as a family, all the magic of the Great South-West, this vast region ... far, far from the beaten track and the crowds .

We suggest things to do so that you can plan your stay. 

If you are one of those who claims the right and the pleasure of doing nothing on vacation, don't worry!   With us, you can be idle! Don't schedule anything, don't keep thinking about what you're going to do next, just let yourself go, and live in the moment, quietly.

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We like to associate our recommendations with walks within a radius of 20 km that we encourage you to discover and do.

For the most adventurous of you, here are some ideas for walks and hikes in the Pyrenees

Tour guides offer you cultural, fun, creative, gourmet guided tours, often for a modest price. Visiting with a guide means discovering while having fun, visiting with astonishment, understanding while exploring ... During your holidays, alone, with your family or friends, why not take a guided tour.

What could be a better way of discovering the Pyrenees than doing a private helicopter ride? This way of exploring a destination is getting more and more popular as it helps to visit a wider area over a shorter period of time. The emotion of flying and admiring the majestic Cirque de Gavarnie (UNESCO) as a backdrop and its peaks exceeding 3,000m in altitude from the chopper is something unforgettable. 

You will fly over the geographic wonders of the region: Jurançon hills, Marie Blanque pass, Gaves valley, the legendary Tourmalet pass and the famous Pic du Midi observatory.

We are attentive to places that we suggest you visit.

We wish you a pleasant stay.